Every Home Or Workshop Needs a Ski Tuning Machine
Industrial Power tools rule!!! But what if you?ve got more power tools than Bob Vila and his friends? Who cares!? When the desire for another tool hits deep in one?s core, there is always another gadget out there you?ve been thinking about but don?t have yet. Consider ski tuning equipment.
If Over past seasons you?ve been buying too many 6-packs and baking too many cookies then its time to get out your ski's and tune them up and you will be in for some snow packed fun and spills on the slopes.....
I am selling my Wintersteiger MCR 1500 aka side by side(combi). Self feeding unit. Review the pics(emal if you would like to see more, Anyway this is an awesome unit and the stone is in almost new condition, pump is clean and in great shape as well, the unit has its scratches here and there and definitely shows its sign of use over the years, but it is an industrial grade tool that is built to last and last, I will also be including the following belts, grinding stone, bridge clamp......
Hermes-P60 waterproof Aluminum oxide: 4
Hermes- P120: 9 count
Hermes- P150:7 count
Norton R823 150 grit: 8 count
Norton R823 100 grit:2 count
Norton R823 80grit:1 count
Norton R247 80 grit:2 count
That's 33 belts that are brand new and an additional 8-10 that are very lightly used that will be included as well, that's over $600 dollars worth of belts and the stone which the value of that is around $350......Please look at the pictures and understand it could look like a new if I was too have it thoroughly detailed and buffed and waxed, but overall its clean and will get the job done. I'm not one to beat around the bush I Understand this is picked up in Portland, Or. I have this unit on a heavy duty pallet ready to go and will have a forklift available to make it an easy task of loading. I have a special weather proof bag that fits over the entire machine for any conditions that may arise. I can arrange shipping or accomadate you in anyway to a shipper of your choice. I would like to get $2200 from the sell of this machine, I feel that is a fair deal and hope you do too and that should leave plenty of room for a realistic profit margin in a very short period of time for a company. I will consider cash and trades or just a trade if this is helpful to an interested party. I will not have future use for the machine but know someone out there does. This is a straight forward deal and please review the pictures and get back to me and I look forward to hearing from you soon....
EMAIL for more pictures, ad only holds 8
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The stone grinder is a precision machine that puts a pattern in the flat and smooth finish of the base after the wet sanding. The minute striations or lines in the bottom material that the stone grinder makes allow the ski to slide over the snow in a directional fashion. It also keeps suction from developing as the heat generated by the motion of the ski tends to bind to a completely flat ski base.
Stone grinding can get very technical, to the point where a machine can apply various patterns to the ski base. In the world of competitive ski racing, ski engineers experiment with different patterns to find the best pattern for snow conditions and type of race, i.e. slalom, giant slalom, etc. A good stone grinding can be beneficial because the moisture content of the snow creates suction on a flat ski. A flat ski is held onto the snow, but a good stone grinding allows more natural movement.
The wet belt process takes off any surface imperfections in the base material that occur mainly from rock or other non-snow articles the skis may run over. The composition of the base coating is such that rocks or whatever not only cause a gouge in the ski, but push the material up on each side of the actual scrape.
After the wet belt process you have a completely flat ski bottom. Minor scrapes will be planed down by the sander but any really deep scoring will need further attention. When skiing, remember to be aware that although they don't look like that big, even little pebbles can dig into the ski bases. In essences there is going to always be a need for ski tune up's and resurfaceing. At todays rates of $45-$60. per tune and taking in the consideration of my price of only $2200. you will be even after 49 ski tune up's, and also take in the consideration the $600 in belts and $350 for the grinding stone and $200 for the bridge clamp....Wow! this is a bargain that will allow its buyer to start making a new customer base as well as a profitable venture in a very short period of time. Look around out there for similar used equipment and you will find them over 5K used and come with none of the accessories.
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Unsurpassed Quality
You will be proud to offer your customers the unsurpassed tuning performance of the Wintersteiger Tuning Machine. This incredible service provides the best ski and tuning on the planet and can bring equipment back to a factory-fresh condition.
Professional tuning is essential for top performance and safety. The Wintersteiger tuning machine provides just that, the best for a unique style of skiing, increasing speed and control in any condition. /us/Sports/Services/Training-Courses
The tuning process begins with a base repair and stone grinding, and ends with a ceramic disc finish and waxing to give you ultimate performance on the slopes.
Combined stone/belt grinding machine for skis with autofeed
Ski-Stone grind (Stone 150 mm) 6"
Ski-Belt grind (Belt 150 mm) 6"
Stone speed stepless (300 - 1000 rpm)
Diamond dressing stepless (3 - 17 mm/sec.)
Autofeed stepless (5 - 15 m/min)
Autofeed pressure stepless 15 - 30 kg
Option: Side edge grinder = SEG ***NOT INCLUDED***
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